Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Take action for a better world!

Small actions can have a big impact! Join other people like you in taking action for a better world, by signing on to commitments that align with the issues that matter to you. Keep track of your progress and get inspired by a community of youth changemakers.
A new App allows you to compete with and encourage your friends, and engage with others around the world. Amplify your world-changing behaviours and connect with others like you through Commit2Act.
Compete with your friends to carry out the most actions and gain points for your efforts.
See how you measure up against other young changemakers around the world.
Check up on your friends’ actions to see who can make the most impact.
  • Activity Feed: Real time updates of youth taking action all around the world.
  • Discover: Get involved with the campaigns of leading youth organizations
  • Profile: Share information about the issues you care about and track your journey.
  • Actions: earch for new ways to get involved in 5 categories of world changing action.

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