Thursday, August 23, 2012

Youth Opportunities Initiative (YOI)

Young people have been hit especially hard by the economic crisis. A rising number are facing unemployment in Europe, making them feel frustrated, fearful and hopeless. In response, the European Commission introduced the Youth Opportunities Initiative (YOI) – a set of measures aimed at increasing young people's employability. YOI is part of the Youth on the Move initiative and promotes EU programmes and resources such as Leonardo da Vinci, European Voluntary Service, Erasmus, Erasmus for Entrepeneurs and EURES, that are geared towards developing young people's skills, qualifications and training. This new YOI animated clip highlights the main programmes available for young people. The initiative includes the Youth Guarantee Scheme - €4 million investment that aims to ensure young people are in a job, training or further education within four months of leaving school. The Commission is also urging Member States to make better use of the European Social Fund which still has €30 billion of funding uncommitted to projects. The acquisition of practical skills, additional qualifications and participation in vocational training is key in raising young people's confidence and employability, thereby opening up their working future.

Source: European Youth Portal

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