Wednesday, October 3, 2012

European Commission: European Education Systems

On 18th September, the European Commission launched the high-level expert group on the modernisation of higher education. The group, consisting of eight members from diverse backgrounds, have a mandate until 2015. During this period the expert group will work towards more relevant higher education in which the needs of students and future employers alike will be better addressed. Moreover, the aim is also to increase the number of students attending higher education. Former Irish President Mary McAleese, who chairs the expert group, stated that she will work towards ensuring young people receive the best possible education that leads to improved employment prospects.
The expert group is part of the higher education modernisation agenda, which was endorsed at the Education Council meeting in 2011, in order to support reforms in EU Member States and to contribute to the goals of Europe 2020. The latter, is an overall strategy that aims to reduce school dropout rates to sub-10% in the European Union and to ensure that at least 40% of 30-34 olds completed third level education. As part of this broader picture, the high-level group will look into the best ways to promote excellence in education. In 2013, the focus of the group will lay on how to adapt learning to the digital age.
The European Youth Forum welcomes the new expert group and is particularly pleased to see the link between quality education and improved employability. In times of high youth unemployment, investing in education can be an important measure. The Forum therefore looks forward to the concrete actions of this group and hopes that young people and youth organisations will be adequately consulted.

Source: European Youth Forum

European Youth Forum

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