Wednesday, October 24, 2012

UN Action Plan on Youth (SWAP)

The UN published a Summary Report on the United Nations System-wide Action Plan on Youth (SWAP) Survey. Amongst the three actions outlined by the Secretary-General for youth development is the preparation of a United Nations system wide action plan on youth to deepen the youth focus of existing United Nations system programmes. To seek inputs from youth and other relevant stakeholders for the development of the System-wide Action Plan on Youth, The Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development conducted an on-line survey in July-August 2012.
In total, 13,500 people have participated in the survey, of these 69% used the English version; 6% used the French version; 11% used the Spanish version; 3% used the Arabic version; 9% used the Chinese version and 2% used the Russian version. In total 53% of the contributors were female whereas 46% were male (other 1%). About two-thirds of the respondents were under 30. (1.2% was under 15; 11.3% were between 15 and 18; 37.4% were between 19 and 24; 26.3% were between 25 and 29; 12.2% were between 30 and 35; 11.7% were older than 36).

The main points of the survey and summery are following:
  •  Entrepreneurship
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Citizenship
  • Protection of Rights
If you are interested you can read the whole report here.

Source: Youth - Social Policy and Development Division

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