Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A better World through Human Rights?

Probably you realized that I published less entries last time. There is a big reason: I join for 5 weeks the online-seminar (webinar) "Discovering Young Leaders Programme" with 100 participants from 54 countries. We discuss a lot of topics about Youth Leadership.
This Commonwealth course is designed as an online interactive forum to inspire, empower and expose young people to views and concepts of leadership, global trends in youth empowerment and the principles of youth development across the Commonwealth.
Participants are expected to be leaders of youth organizations, undergraduate students, aspiring youth leaders, and heads and members of National Youth Councils and youth associations/clubs, and are between 15 and 29 years old.
The programme will create a platform for engaging past youth leaders and current senior officials as guest panelists on issues of governance and leadership. Past youth leaders including RYC Chairs, National Student leaders, NYC chairs, and notable youth activists will be guest panelists. The programme will also feature senior government officials including a Directors of Youth to join in the interactions with participants.
Probably I will inform you about some main discussions in this seminar.
Last time there was following question:
You know the basic rights, like right to vote, to education, to strike...
But why there are still countries without education and food for everyone?
Maybe you can find the right answer?
A better world through Human Rights - this is also a topic of the annual UN Students Conference on Human Rights from 5th till 7th December in New York City.
While the theme of the conference changes each year, the goals of this annual event remain the same: to promote awareness and learning and to prompt action among student leaders about human rights in general, as well as the specific rights issues related to the current year's theme. The conference is also an opportunity for student leaders to network and develop important leadership skills such as public speaking, team and consensus building, negotiating, and research and drafting. Finally, the conference provides participants with first-hand experience in using information technologies such as video-conferencing and web-casting.
So, get informed about your rights and opportunities.
More information here.

Source: Inter Connection 21 (IC21)

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