Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Your rights, your future - Tell what you think!

Hopefully you know that you, as a European citizien, have specific rights.
Between 9th May and 9th September 2012 you have the opportunity to give your view on your rights as a EU citizien.
Use this chance and think about following questions:
  • Have you ever encountered difficulties moving to another EU country?
  • Have you ever had problems when trying to shop online from another EU country?
  • In what kind of Union would you like to live in 2020?
Tell your view, your stories about this topic to the European Commission and support to strengthen your rights. Also your answers will help to prepare the next EU Citizienship Report in 2013, the European Year of Citiziens.

Boy sits looking at a lake while holding a toy boat with EU circle of stars on its blue sails @ EU

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