Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Study Human Rights in South Africa

Anyone who thinks about South Africa and human rights may immediately think of two things: Nelson Mandela and apartheid. The practice of apartheid, a system of brutal racial oppression, illustrates the dark potential of humans to inflict harm on each other. In contrast, Mandela has dedicated his life to liberating his people from the bonds of such injustice. He, along with many others, successfully put an end to apartheid and ushered in a new ethos of human rights in South Africa. His story is inspirational and gives us all hope for a better future.

As you consider studying in South Africa, think about following questions:

  • What do you think life in South Africa was like under apartheid? What might have happened if apartheid had not been dismantled?
  • Do you think that full liberation has now come to all South Africans? What human rights challenges have emerged in the post apartheid era?
  • Can parallels be drawn between the fight for human rights in South Africa and the countless human rights abuses still taking place around the world?
  • Most important, what can individuals, like you, do to effect change?

You are invited to come to South Africa and seek answers to these questions by yourself. The International Human Rights Exchange (IHRE) program provides a receptive and challenging intellectual space to debate international human rights and propose solutions.

For sure your IHRE experience will be life changing and help you better understand the role that you can play in the fight to protect human rights. Your participation, ultimately, might prove to be an investment in everyone's future.

Source: IHRE

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