Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Join the International Task Force

Peace Child International and UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report Team seek a Task Force of young people aged 15-30 to produce a young people’s summary of this year's landmark Report on Youth, Skills and Productive Work. They want a version of the Report that is accessible to young people to make sure that all of them, regardless of their background, have the skills needed for good jobs – and that everyone around the world has the same opportunities as you have had to be able to read and write!

Young people have produced several extremely popular Youth summaries of important UN Documents from the Convention on the Rights of the Child to the UNDP Human Development Reports on Water and Climate Change. Education for All is vital: for years, the UN has been urging governments to make sure that every child has the chance to go to school. Everything – from good health, to getting a job, to overcoming poverty – depends on every child – male and female – getting a good education. And yet - 61 million primary school age children are not in school (that's 1 in 10!), and 47% of those will never get to school at all. Even if they do, there is no guarantee that they will stay in school long enough to learn how to read and write. This means that many young people are entering the world of work without the skills they need to get good jobs. Those who are disadvantaged – whether because of poverty, gender or where they live – are most likely to be excluded from jobs that pay them enough to feed themselves and their families.

You will find these – and many other – amazing facts in the Report.
So, they are looking for young writers and artists to bring the messages and data in the Report to life by putting them into the words of young people, together with your personal reports, poems, stories and opinion pieces, paintings, cartoons and photographs - so that everyone can understand it.

JOIN the Task Force and share how education is – or is not – preparing young people for the world of work. They are particularly keen to hear ideas on the kind of support needed for young people who do not even make it through primary or secondary school, to ensure they get the skills needed for better work opportunities. Your contributions will be read by young people and many others (often senior politicians!) – around the world. And you, and your school or group, will be listed in the book as a Task Force Member. Further – if you send in a particularly good story, opinion piece or illustration – you may be invited to the Editor’s Meeting in the UK at the beginning of October with all expenses paid.

So - this is genuinely an amazing opportunity for concerned young people!

If you would like to participate, write back today to Willow Hewitt, the young editor who is managing the project, at: editor@peacechild.org. She will give you a password to the restricted parts of the UNESCO Report Youth Summary website and suggest to you the types of writing and the illustrations that they need to reinforce the key messages of the Report.

For more informations write them an Email and they will include you in the Task Force List – and you can take part in the Editorial Meeting online.

Source: World Assembly of Youth

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