Friday, July 20, 2012

Building a better world!

Building a better world: Partnering with Youth - this is the theme, the slogan for this year International Youth Day (IYD). This slogan that communicates the scope, direction and objectives of the year´s youth initiatives and that also provides a unifying banner from under which individuals can draw the inspiration to take action. So it is a global call for young men and women, as well as other stakeholders around the world, to take action, to develop and engage in partnerships with and for youth towards building a better world.
Celebrate International Youth Day 2012 on 12th August, too!

Tell them about your efforts to partner with and for youth for a better world!
Tell them how you think the United Nations should partner with young people, especially in the areas of employment, entrepreneurship, political inclusion, citizenship and protection of rights and education.
Tell them your stories to

Or you prefer to celebrate this day in a special way? Do it!

  • TEAM UP! Get key actors by exploring various and innovative ways.
  • ORGANIZE! Forums, public discussions and information campaigns.
  • CELEBRATE! Plan and organize performances to showcase.

“To unleash the power of young people, we need to partner with them.”
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moo

Source: UN

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