Friday, July 6, 2012

Youth of the world without a voice?

The UN Conference on Sustainable Development was planned not only as a meeting of 193 member states of the United Nations. For the first time the civil society, as an equal member, should also participate on this UN Conference. The "Major Group for Children and Youth" was promised "full participation" by the UN. The conference ended on 22nd of June and also during the closing ceremony the participation of youth representatives was ended.
The "Major Group for Children and Youth", like many other delegations, had prepared a document for the final meeting, which could not perform at the end. Kiara Worth, co-organizer of the group said: "We have drafted a two and half minute’s long final declaration to reflect the results of the conference. And they were told us earlier that they will not allow us to hold this speech because there was no time for it." In her opinion, this shows that the civil society at Rio +20 have no voice.
So, you can find a lot of criticism in the statements of the youth representatives. The youth had hopes up to this conference and were proud to have voice. In a pre-arranged UN youth conference in Rio de Janeiro for young people from around the world had expressed their wishes and ideas for a "sustainable development" and "green economy".
All for nothing?
Not for Kiara Worth, the co-organizer of the group. The South African woman wants to continue the work for the future generations and give it a voice. The South African is more motivated than before.

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