Monday, July 30, 2012

TUNZA - Treat with care

TUNZA is a word in Kiswahili (the common language of most East African countries) that means to "treat with care".This is a programme which is based on a strategy that aims to provide young people with information and tools on how to "treat Mother Earth with care" and how to Act for a better world.
UNEP works in partnership with Children from all over the world. Children are represented by Junior Board which is elected every 2 years during UNEP's TUNZA International Children's Conference.

Under the overall concept of TUNZA, the 22nd session of the Governing Council adopted the long-term UNEP strategy for the engagement of young people in environmental issues.
The UNEP strategy is a six-year plan designed to consolidate all UNEP activities for youth and children into a unified global network called TUNZA. The Tunza Network will work to enhance current activities and introduce new ones in a unified programme that reaches out to young people and inspires them to take action for the environment. The key focus areas are awareness building, capacity building, information exchange, and facilitating the involvement of young people in decision making mechanisms.

Also, have a look at the videos, competitions and storys and join the network.

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