Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Young people´s rights and realities

There is a important and really interesting web portal for Youth and about their policy -
This portal aims to consolidate knowledge and information on youth policies built with open-source software and based on the principles of social networks.
The structure allows youth policy actors across the globe to interact and leverages the wisdom of crowds by aggregating information through the expertise embedded in the portal and its community. is carried by a community of volunteers, including a network of knowledge managers. If you want to subscribe the newsletter there are a lot of informations included about:

  • youth policy links, documents and websites
  • youth policy frameworks and instruments
  • youth policy implementation and practice
  • youth policy research and knowledge
  • youth policy actors and stakeholders

If you have some inquiries, suggestions, ideas and partnerships - they are welcome!
So, write an email to .

Are you the missing piece? | Photo by Willi Heidelbach

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